Question by jmc: Disconnecting the gas hob?
I need to disconnect the cooker to re-plaster the kitchen, the new cooker will be being put in in about 3 to 4 weeks.

The oven was connected to the mains electric and Ive disconnected and removed that …

… now I need to disconnect the (seperate) gas hob connected to the mains gas and be able to leave it for a length of time safely, until a CORGI fitter installs the new appliance.

Ive no experience with gas but dont want to pay a call out fee just for this.


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Answer by bigbair70
Shut-off the main gas valve coming into your house. Purge the line. Is this natural gas? No problem. L/P? What you purge will be an invisible puddle of liquid petroleum. Blow on it and it will disperse. Remove the hob and cap it. Turn main back on. Check for leaks with a sponge and soap bubbles. If you have other gas appliances, check as you may have to re-lite pilots if so equipped.
Bigbair70–Never let them see you sweat!!!!!!!!!

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