Question by Nick Puskarich: Gas log installation?
gashobI just bought a 24″ gas log set to replace wood burning. The gas log set has a 1/2″ inlet which faces the right side of the firebox, and my gas line, 3/4″ which was used for the gas starter for helping ignite the wood, is on the left side of the firebox. Can I run flex line behind the log set and downsize from 3/4 to 1/2 at the gas log inlet without blowing my house up?

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Answer by Sandyspacecase
You could do that,or reduce from 3/4 to 1/2 at the pipe coming out of fireplace wall. What brand of logs did you buy? Fire-magic, Ember Glow? Sometimes the gas supply coming from the log set burner can be used on either left or right. Take a good look at that. Make sure the right fittings are used and also Teflon tape. You wont blow up unless you have a sloppy connection which leaks. Do the soapy water test after you have it hooked up.

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