Question by happy: how to install a fireplace in a home?
gashobi would like to get a gas fireplace for our home- what is involved in this?

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Gas fireplaces can add zone heat to your home. A fireplace also is a cozy focal point to any room. Gas fireplaces are very relatively easy to maintain too. Each manufacturer has specific directions for its product. These are general guidelines to install a gas fireplace in your home.
Things You’ll Need:

1Find out what building permits you need.
Step2Determine the location of the fireplace in the room. Decide where the vent needs to go.
Step3Purchase your fireplace kit and mantle kit. Build a mock-up setting so you know where to put electrical and gas hookups.
Step4Hire professionals to install the gas and electrical hookups. When you finish the installation, you need to have them return to finish the job.
Step5Read the manual before you begin. To make the job go as smoothly as possible, have all the tools on hand.
Vent Installation
Step1Find the center point of the hearth’s location. Mark it. Use a level to transfer the mark to the floor.
Step2Set the fireplace legs in place temporarily. Also, temporarily set the mantle in place. Now mark where to cut the baseboard. Cut the baseboard with the grinder with segmented blade. Remark the centerline, if necessary.
Step3Center the firebox on the supports. Determine where to make the vent hole. Temporarily set the vent in position. Move the fireplace out of the way. Mark the wall with a 10-inch square mark. Cut through the interior wall. Enclose the opening with wood. Drill four holes to the outside, using each corner as your mark.
Step4Snug the fire stop into the opening. Attach it with four screws. Caulk the interior and exterior walls.
Step5Twist on the vent elbow and lock it in place. Connect the termination cap. Set the fireplace in position and finish connecting the external vent to the fireplace.
Step6Cut the exterior hole by carefully cutting through the siding using the drilled holes as your guide. Fit the vent cap so it fits on the vent pipe. Mark where to cut the sheathing and make your cut. Attach the vent cap to the hole with screws. Then caulk around the edges.
Step7Ask the plumber and electrician to return to finish their jobs. You may need to have a building inspection at this point.
Fireplace and Surround Installation
Step1Install the header on the back wall to support the mantle. Connect with studs.
Step2Assemble the hearth extensions. Set the tile on the firebox and flush against the front rim.
Step3Put the mantle surround pieces in place. Drill the cleats into a stud. Snug the sidepieces against the fireplace. Square everything. Install the trim piece.
Step4Slide the legs over the ends of the base. Drop the header between the legs and square it. Attach to the header using predrilled holes. Attach any other screws, if necessary.
Step5Grout seams between the fireplace and the mantle. After the grout sets, wipe the tile clean with a damp sponge.
Step6Install the fireplace accessories and logs, per the manufacturer’s directions. Attach the glass cover and mesh protective screen.

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