Question by Tie-red: Question regarding gas fireplace?
gashobWe have a gas fireplace with a key for the gas to the right of the fireplace in the wall. We have never used the gas. The condo was built in 1967. I am trying the remodel the fireplace which would include putting in a mantel that if installed would cover the key in the wall for the gas. Now that I realized the key is there, we are Trying to come up with another option or get someone to tell us definitively whether we can cover the key safely. I have a few conflicting answers so far but probably not asking an expert? I have no idea if the gas line is capped. I just know we have never used it. Any advice on next steps? I would really like to move the project on but I am stuck!

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Answer by Nick
The key is a gas valve to turn the gas on and off. Burying a shutoff is never a good thing to do. If you are never going to use the gas, then you can remove the gas piping and cap the gas line off before it goes into your fireplace, but personally I think a fireplace already plumbed for gas would be a selling feature.

An alternative you could look at is to replumb the gas line so the key is somewhere else. Mine is in the floor next to the fireplace.

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