Question by S. Panchal: Where to place LPG gas cylinder for Gas geyser (water heater)?
gashobmy bathroom is on first floor and i m putting a gas geyser in it. can I put LPG gas cylinder on ground floor and run pipe line up to first floor for geyser.
thanx in advance

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Answer by hisprincess
My husband is a gas technician for 7 years. If I’m understanding your question correctly, you are asking wether you can place the gas cylinder in the basement and run the line up through to the bathroom. A propane tank must never be stored indoors because of code and for safety reasons. The tank must also be a minimum of ten feet from the exhaust as well as five feet from any dryer vents or air condition units and a minimum of three foot from any windows and doors. You may find this helpful:‚Äčlpgasregulations.htm
Hope this helps:)

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