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Frequent Questions


Will I save money with an LP gas installation?

Quick answer: Yes. You will start to save immediately on you alelctricity bill and experience showed us that it tkes between 30 and 48 months to pay off the capital layout, from the savings.


Is a LP gas installation dangerous?

The answer to theis question is the same as asking “Is electricity dangerous?”. The easy answer is No – if you look after your gas installation and have annual inspections, the gas installation is not dangerous.


How long does it take to do an installation?

This question is quite difficault to answer – because we do it right (which may take longer). An estimate would be: both a gas geyser and gas hob installation would normally take two days to complete.


Are there any catches?

Unfortunately Yes. In our business there are unregistered operators and operators working under a friend’s license. The quality of equipement range vastly. Ensure you deal with The registered installer.