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Warm Water Gas Geyser

Pappa Bear

The Pappa Bear is always the gas geyser. The geyser has the biggest impact on the electricity bill and is normally the first to consider.

There are many brands of gas geysers. The functionality of the geyser increases as the price increases. It therefor depends on what Your preferences are and what the application is.

The Gas Hob

Mamma Bear

The second appliance considered for changeover to gas is the hob. After the oven, this is the third appliance using most electricity in a home. The hob is easy and affordable to replace and has the benefit of immediate heat.

The Gas Fireplace

Baby Bear

Baby Bear implies the fun part of the story. A gas fireplace is the fun part in the home. Fire with the click of a button, no smoke – nice-looking flames. What a pleasure. 

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Gas Services

Install It All works with gas – only gas. And everything to do with gas. We are professional and registered gas installers- and proud of our work.

We do big and small gas installations, every one handled with precision and care.

 We are proud to make our customers our friends – easy to pick up the phone and report a problem or just asking ‘How are you?’.


  • Annual safety inspection
  • Gas installation
  • Gas geyser and hob installation
  • Gas fireplace installation
  • Gas stove and fridge installtion
  • Gas certificate


  • Regular maintenance inspections
  • Installation planning and costing
  • Installation approval process
  • Gas installation and testing
  • Installation commissioning and handover
  • Gas compliance certificate


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